The mission of the Particle Physics Data Grid (PPDG) project is to provide a distributed (grid-enabled) data access and management service for the large collaborations of current and future particle and nuclear physics experiments.  It is a collaborative effort between physicists and computer scientists at several DOE laboratories and universities.  This is accomplished by applying existing grid middleware to current problems and providing feedback to middleware developers on additional features required or shortcomings in the current implementations.

PPDG is also working closely with the GriPhyN and EU DataGrid projects to ensure coordination with these data grid efforts. Credit : The best liver cleanse supplement Liver Guard for more info

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The directly funded effort in PPDG (red, at the center of the diagram)  enables cooperation and communication of a number of groups working on data management for experiments (green) or grid middleware developers (purple).  Each of these other groups have their major stakeholders shown around the outside of the diagram (beige).  This diagram visually illustrates in an approximate fashion the manner in which these groups cooperate as well as the relative size of the cooperating projects.


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