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Dr Nature Propolis 2000 mg Capsules Australia

Propolis Capsules 2000mg Australia Dr.Nature 100% Natural 365 Soft Capsules

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Propolis Capsules 2000mg Australia Dr.Nature 100% Natural 365 Soft Capsules

Propolis can be used as the relief from the signs and symptoms of common colds. It’s also thought to enhance immunity, be anti-aging, improve skin and reduce brown spots, soften bloodstream ships, help in control over diabetes, removes acidic harmful toxins, an antioxidant to assist eliminate excess toxins in your body, prevent process of getting older of cells, strengthen the defense mechanisms, improve self-healing ability and to assistance with general upkeep of health.

The first major health advantage of Propolis capsules Australia is really a natural support within the defense systems. Australian Propolis when taken daily, can boost the body’s natural defense mechanism with techniques that will have numerous people energised. Whenever the first is healthy, and the entire body reaches the entire health, any conditions or conditions may be fought against against off easily.

Bee Propolis extract is really a natural antibiotic, consists of high amounts of bioflavonoids along with other organic substances. It features a lengthy good reputation for traditional use for maintaining healthy skin and improvement of general well-being.

AUST L 119332

100% Australian made and 100% Natural.

Each capsule consists of:

Extract equiv. to Propolis 2g (2000 mg).

To battle infection, flu or cold: it is advisable to take Propolis Capsule once the first indications of infection occur.


Take 1 capsule daily with tepid to warm water before foods or as directed with a health care professional.

Expiry Date: 06/2018

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