Benefits of Shark Liver Oil

Shark liver oil is made from shark liver. Some of you may have heard that fish oil is a type of oil with numerous health benefits. Fish liver oil is typically derived from sharks such as Centrophorus squamosus, Cetorhinus maximus, and Squalus acanthias, also known as deep sea sharks, basking sharks, and dogfish sharks. This fish oil was previously used as a traditional Scandinavian medicine. This fish oil is now widely available in supplement form, with various health benefits claimed. It is commonly available in liquid and capsule form. However, this oil is also found in cosmetics such as creams and lip balms. The liver content of shark oil which is believed to be good for health is alkylglycerol, squalene, and omega 3.

  1. It has anticancer properties.
    One of the claims made for shark oil is that it can treat cancer. Is it true that this one fish oil has so many advantages? Shark oil is thought to have anticancer properties, though it is not a cancer treatment supplement. This is due to the oil’s alkylglycerol and squalene content. Furthermore, the incidence of cancer in sharks is thought to be very low. Several studies have demonstrated the effect of alkylglycerol on tumor growth and spread, as well as squalene on free radicals that can cause cancer. Nonetheless, more research is needed to determine the effect of this oil on human cancer.
  2. Helps improve the Immune System
    The second advantage is that it can help strengthen the immune system. Taking 500 mg of alkylglycerol capsules twice a day before and after surgery was found to significantly increase antibodies in a 4-week study of 40 elderly participants. Furthermore, inflammation and the occurrence of complications decrease. The squalene content can also stimulate antibody production and a stronger immune response. Don’t forget about the omega-3 content, which can help the immune system by acting as an anti-inflammatory.
  3. Improve Your Heart’s Health
    The omega-3 content of this one fish oil is thought to lower the risk of heart disease, whereas research on the effects of squalene on heart health is conflicting. Researchers concluded that high doses of alkylglycerol and squalene do not affect the possible anti-inflammatory effect of omega 3. As a result, before consuming this particular fish oil, you must pay close attention to the dosage. Moderate use can help improve heart health, but excessive use can be harmful.
  4. Boost Fertility
    This fish oil is also thought to aid in fertility. Fish oil’s alkylglycerols have been shown in animal studies to improve sperm motility and speed. More human research is required to demonstrate its efficacy.
  5. Helps improve Skin Health
    This oil’s squalene content can help improve skin health. Squalene is the primary component of skin sebum or oil. Sebum hydrates the skin while also protecting it from damage caused by ultraviolet rays.
  6. Prevent Radiation Therapy Side Effects
    Radiation therapy has the potential to cause side effects. The presence of alkylglycerol can significantly reduce injury or tissue damage caused by radiation therapy.

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