Lung Health

The lungs provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the body, which keeps other organs functioning. However, the air we breathe, which passes through the lungs, can be contaminated with various types of pollutants including smoke, dust, viruses, and bacteria. Even though our lungs are completely self-cleaning, it is important for us to take steps and help them work better.

Here are important steps you can take to keep your lungs healthy:

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking is a major cause of serious lung diseases such as lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Smoke from cigarettes contains more than 400 harmful chemical compounds and 50 of them are known to cause cancer.

  • Avoid air pollution and keep the air clean.

Indoor and outdoor air pollution can cause health problems, especially for someone who has lung disease. Air pollution can destroy lung tissue.

  • Exercise

Doing regular physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day such as aerobics and swimming can maintain lung health, maintain emotional stability and help manage stress.

  • Consumption of Foods Containing Antioxidants

Antioxidants have a function to protect the body’s cells from exposure to harmful free radicals. You can eat some foods, such as dark chocolate, green vegetables, strawberries, and nuts to get the intake of antioxidants in the body.

  • Get Regular Check-ups

By doing a regular check up, you know your real health. That way, problems that exist in the body can be addressed early on. This condition can prevent you from complications that may occur.

  • Drink water regularly

Inside the lungs, there is a thin layer of mucus that can help the lungs work better. To keep him healthy, drink water more regularly. By drinking water more regularly, this mucus layer will remain thin and can make the lungs work effectively.

  • Take Vitamin

Consuming Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, and Omega-3 can reduce infections in the lungs and can improve lung health.

Vitatree Lung Detox 60 Capsules is a herbal-based formula, which helps maintain healthy detoxification processes for our lungs. This is a good simple natural way to cleanse your lungs and keep your respiratory system healthy.

Each Vitatree Lung Detox capsule contains:

– Verbascum thapsus(Mullein) leaf ext 400mg

– Astragalus membranaceus (milk vetch) root ext 500mg

– Thymus vulgaris leaf 350mg

– Andrographis paniculata leaf 700mg

– Eriobotrya japonica 1500mg

– High selenium yeast  2.4mg

– No added yeast, starch, gluten, lactose, egg or dairy products, artificial sweeteners, artificial colorants, artificial flavours or preservatives

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