Thera Lady 24K Pure Gold Ampoule 100ml

Thera Lady is a skincare company focuses on innovation and modern technologies utilization. Their mission is to provide the most affordable and effective skincare products globally to every woman as a daily companion to restore and maintain their most charming image and confidence. Thera Lady is an Australian brand aiming to lead the global luxury fashion trend and be the top brand for natural skincare products. Utilizing cutting edge technology and innovation around the globe, Thera Lady can help women restore their ever charm in life and build up the confidence that we all deserve, by offering most functional skincare products sourced from natural goodness.

Thera Lady’s 24K Pure Gold Ampoule benefits:
Anti-oxidation, Radiation protection – The active gold ion has a strong shielding effect against electromagnetic waves and is effective against electrical radiation. Special benefit for office ladies.
Skin rejuvenation, Anti-wrinkles – The gold ions activate our own collagen regeneration after entering the skin, which improve skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and fades eye circles.
Produces micro currents, Brightens skin complexion – After active gold ions enter the skin, smile currents are generated, blood circulation is promoted, edema is eliminated.

How to Use:
After cleansing in the morning and night, prep your skin with your own toner. Take a moderate amount (about 3-5 drops, depends on the skin dryness) and apply to the entire face and neck area. Gently pat for better absorption. Finish with applying lotion or cream. Suitable for multiple skin conditions, special benefit for rough dry fragile skin and combination skin type.

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